A mere three years ago, Elaine Vechorik didn’t imagine herself becoming a political activist. She was a small-business owner, satisfied with making a success of her motorcycle restoration and parts shop. Then she decided to get involved in the political process and Mississippi hasn’t been the same.

Rather than focus on national issues, Mrs. Vechorik said she prefers to stick with ones that directly affect Mississippians.

One of her biggest successes was helping to kill the state’s inspection sticker law, which charged $5 per sticker and on which the state lost money every year.

For several years, the Mississippi House passed bills to end the program, which gave garages $3 for the cursory inspection and $2 back to the state, and each year the bills died in the Senate.

Her photo illustrations and calls to key legislators for action finally helped goad the legislature into killing the program in 2015, a statewide election year.



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