Mississippi For Liberty is gathering signatures requesting Gov.Phil Bryant take executive action against welfare fraud. According to the online sign up page the request comes as welfare fraud prevention bills have failed in the Mississippi legislature over the past two years. (http://libertyactioncenter.com/campaign/57446864-ab10-46ba-ba8c-212068ed8cac)

The letter reads:

“Dear Gov. Bryant:

We are deeply concerned about fraud and waste in Mississippi’s SNAP/Food Stamps, TANF and Medicaid programs. In recent years, enrollment in these programs has skyrocketed, in particular, for SNAP and Medicaid. At the same time, the Obama administration has been encouraging states to abandon the welfare-to-work reforms that proved so effective at getting people back to work and growing state economies.

Under your leadership, we have already closed one of these loopholes, which allowed able-bodied adults without children to receive Food Stamps indefinitely.

More work remains to be done.

We are concerned that Medicaid is not adequately verifying citizenship and residency status. 

We are concerned that abandoning the federal asset standard is allowing millionaires to receive Food Stamps.

We are concerned that not enough is being done to fight fraud and waste in our Medicaid and welfare programs.

As hardworking taxpayers, we appeal to you to implement the reforms proposed in the legislature over the past two years.

These include commonsense ideas like: ongoing identity and eligibility monitoring that would save the state an estimated $40 million a year; requiring cooperation with a fraud investigation; verifying identify and household composition; tracking out-of-state EBT card spending; and prohibiting access to welfare funds in establishments like casinos and liquor stores.

We are blessed to have you as the governor of our state during this important moment in our country’s history. In your leadership role over Medicaid and the Department of Human Services, you have the authority to make these changes now. Please act now to stop fraudsters and criminals from taking advantage of our welfare programs and the generosity of the good people of Mississippi.”

3 thoughts on “Petition launched requesting Gov. Bryant take executive action on welfare fraud.

  1. I do appeal to Governor Bryant to please consider this common sense standard to be implemented. I know, personally, just on myself – I have had to increase additional tax dollars to be withhold as a working Mississippian, $1100.00 a year, more than what was the average four years ago. I am paying that much more each year, just on me. Collectively, with all working legal citizens in this state – that’s a massive amount more than what I used to have to pay in taxes. We don’t try for a big tax rebate check at year end, we just don’t want to owe. Also, I had the privilege just recently to serve for a one year period as a federal grand jury member. I must say, it was utterly staggering the number of fraud and waste cases that came before us. We were just 1 of the 2 grand juries for our district – we met 2 to 3 days a month, every other month. The months we did not meet, the other did. As the fraud and waste cases, with staggering amounts that could never be adequately retrieved back. But, those type cases, there were SO many – we were ALL just utterly amazed in the massive number of cases, the dollar amounts. Frankly, we asked – does no one send this information up the chain so collectively ALL that need to be made aware, are adequately informed about the number of cases from each and all districts, the case dollar amounts as well as collectively. Are those over those agency’s aware, in the process of closing some of the obvious to any/every individual who has had that opportunity to serve in that capacity. There is not any country, state, city that can continue long range to progress or thrive if their agency heads are not expected to sew up these loopholes – incredible incompetence should not be allowed to thrive, nor should it be put on the shoulders of us working Mississippians. The response to our truly disheartened inquiry as to how this can happen, even three times and not immediately constitute that loophole being corrected – and every time we met, every time, our 1 of 2 for our district would hear 10 times that amount, every other month. It was truly disheartening. We were told no, that nothing collectively goes up the chain to those who would be making incredible amounts of income being over an agency – for it to be SOOO incompetently run and every member would leave really having a picture of such gross incompetence, no accountability – except on us taxpayers, for sure. They simply said, call your congressmen. I, as a working Mississippian do ask that this type information be routed to all serving on our MS legislation and certainly to you, Governor Bryant, who I have much respect for and appreciate much that you have done. I am a 59 year old woman, worked since 16 full time, a veteran, and in all my years of working, I know there must be checks and balances, trust but always verify, and that every single working person in a state deserved to have a confidence that their state government would not only address matters such as these but take personal responsibility to keep record and bi-annually, inform the people of the state where we started, where we were the last report, and where we currently are in regard to number of fraud/waste cases that have been caught and dollar amount of those cases – that will not be placed on the backs of your state working class-contributors to our budget and that fraud loopholes and corruption particularly (which we also heard so many cases on), that these will be and are being corrected to keep from future possibilities. I personally think if you were aware – sat in or had the kind of numbers (case wise and dollar wise) there are – and you know its similar in all the other districts. You could turn your back on, it’s just too staggering amounts and I do ask for your strong consideration because the people not having opportunity to see, would be stunned. Thank you, Governor Bryant.

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