Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate in an announcement released Tuesday as the former Arizona State Senator seeks to unseat five-term incumbent Sen. John McCain.

”John McCain served our country well a long time ago, putting principles first and refusing to compromise, but now his chief principle is compromise whenever conservative convictions are on the line,” said McDaniel.

In January 2015 McDaniel launched the United Conservatives Fund Political Action Committee (PAC) with the purpose of “electing conservatives and holding Republicans accountable while messaging conservatism in a way that secures conservatives get a chance to be elected even over some of those in the establishment.”

McDaniel ran a hard fought battle to replace Sen. Thad Cochran in 2014. While McDaniel beat Cochran in the June 3 primary election, a third candidate in the race left McDaniel short of the 50 percent he needed to avoid a runoff election. Cochran came back with a race card play to get Democrats to cross over and support him over McDaniel.

“We’re proud to earn Senator McDaniel’s support. Conservatives all across America are excited about the momentum we’re gaining to Retire John McCain,” said Ward in response to McDaniel’s endorsement.

“Republicans want a U.S. Senator who will finally mix the mortar to fix the border and stop illegal immigration, a conservative champion for Arizona’s future.”

“Clearly McCain and his big­ government cronies are worried,” said McDaniel. “Why else would their sketchy, dark money Super PACs be spending millions of dollars to scare voters and lie about Kelli’s record as a champion of the constitution? The establishment is trying to do the same thing to conservatives in Arizona as they did two years ago in Mississippi.”


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