Ten new state laws passed by the legislature will go into effect tomorrow, July 1 in Mississippi. Here’s a brief look at each as reported by the AP.

1. APPOINTED SUPERINTENDENTS – SB 2438 (http://bit.ly/1RpuTs3 ) requires all school superintendents to be appointed, beginning in 2019. Those elected in 2015 will serve their current four-year terms.

2. ACHIEVEMENT SCHOOL DISTRICT – HB 989 (http://bit.ly/1p25v2d ) creates a statewide school district that would take control of poorly performing school districts or individual schools. The first schools could be taken over in 2017.

3. CHARTER SCHOOLS – SB 2161 (http://bit.ly/1RxqDdc ) allows some students to attend charter schools outside their home districts.

4. JACKSON AIRPORT – SB 2162 (http://bit.ly/1RnU1x1 ) replaces the current five-member board appointed by Mayor Tony Yarber with a nine-member Jackson Metropolitan Airport Authority. State officials and two suburban counties would appoint a majority, but five of nine members would have to live in Jackson. City officials are backing a lawsuit that seeks to block the changes.

5. ABORTION – HB 519 (http://bit.ly/1PpUWLo ) outlaws a procedure called dilation and evacuation unless an abortion is required to prevent irreversible physical impairment to the pregnant woman. It prohibits abortions extracting a live fetus in pieces using instruments such as clamps and forceps.

6. PLANNED PARENTHOOD -SB 2238 (http://bit.ly/1o4A5XO ) blocks Medicaid from spending money with any health care provider that offers abortion. Records show that from July 2013 to August 2015, Mississippi Medicaid spent $439 with Planned Parenthood at a Hattiesburg clinic that offers birth control and cancer screenings but doesn’t do abortions. Planned Parenthood is suing the state to try to block the law.

7. HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSES – HB 1151 (http://bit.ly/1UDy1UJ ) allows the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to raise the price of hunting and fishing licenses, requiring the money be used to hire and equip game wardens.

8. RIDE HAILING SERVICES – HB 1381 (http://bit.ly/29dwZNW ) creates statewide regulations to govern Uber, Lyft and other online ride-hailing services, overriding the ability of cities to regulate them.

9. CELL PHONE NO-CALL LIST – SB 2366 (http://bit.ly/29dxpUK ) adds cellphones to the state’s no-call list for telemarketing.

10. BAIL AGENTS – SB 2664 (http://bit.ly/1WXfOPM ) puts additional regulations on bail bond companies.

What do you think about these new laws? Do you support all of them, some of them, none of them?

Let us hear what you think in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Ten new MS laws that take effect Friday.

  1. 1,2 and 7 are questionable. Although there is virtually no competition for school superintendents, there would be no competent appointee that would be qualified to oversee my children. 2, I don’t know enough about to be objectionable but a state takeover is seems healthier than a government takeover if decent, moral and responsible people were to be in charge. As for 7, no one entity should have the ability to un-discriminatorily raise prices on anything they have no personal interest in or have to buy themselves, as we have seen in the past unregulated practices are often inflated without due consideration.

  2. Number 6 is bull shit . That is stopping for women from the right of abortion or their own birth control method. It is their choice not yours and you’re trying to take it away from them. By stopping them and Medicaid at parent planned Hood. You twist and turn the law to suit yourself not what the people want.

  3. in response to #3, when a parent or guardian is willing to take on the cost of sending their child to a school of their choice that parent or guardian should have that unhindered option without discrimination or being coerced.

  4. 1. APPOINTED SUPERINTENDENTS is a big government overreach.In my county this is the highest paid position. Local voters know who is best suited for this position. This is a terrible decision and open for corruption.

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