A nine-member commission brought together to determine how the Legislature should create a united Chickasaw Consolidated School District met Wednesday with state leaders and cleared “a big hurdle” in the overall process, according to state leaders.

Members of the commission met Tuesday in Houlka with leaders from the state to offer input on how the Mississippi Legislature should dissolve Houston, Okolona and Houlka school districts and reconstitute them as a united Chickasaw Consolidated School District, as well as to determine how consolidated school board members would be chosen. It was not an easy decision for commission members.

“I think this was a big hurdle for this commission,” said Mike Kent, Mississippi Department of Education Deputy State Superintendent and Chickasaw Consolidation Commission Chairman. “Determining how this community wants to select the people who will direct a new consolidated school district was a very big decision. We covered a lot of ground today. I am pleased.”

This spring, the Mississippi Legislature demanded a study be completed on whether Houston, Okolona and Houlka should consolidate their central offices, superintendents and ancillary services under a newly formed Chickasaw Consolidated School District as outlined in Senate Bill 991.


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