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Oktibbeha County School District to discuss consolidation

Map of Mississippi highlighting Oktibbeha County

Oktibbeha County School District Conservator Margie Pulley will discuss school district consolidation at a regular monthly meeting at noon today in the district’s office, following two called meetings held May 14 and May 22 to deal with matters related to personnel and student transfers.

Pulley is one of seven members of a commission that will report in March 2014 to the state legislature on what the OCSD and the Starkville School District need to successfully implement House Bill 716 and consolidate the districts on July 1, 2015. This commission met May 15, and Pulley said she planned to discuss that meeting during her own meeting.

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Salter–More Hispanics is reality

» Opinion » The Picayune Item: picayuneitem.com/opinion/x601173668/More-Hispanics…ality

Nine states, including Mississippi, saw their Hispanic population double over the last decade. Mississippi’s Hispanic population grew 105.9 percent between 2000 and 2010 with Hispanics now comprising 2.7 percent of the state’s total population. Those numbers also translate into Hispanic children comprising 2.2 percent of the state’s public K-12 student population as well, but only 1.1 percent of public college and university students.

Nationally, the NCSL report identifies that Hispanics”have the lowest educational attainment rate — only 19 percent of Latino adults have a college degree, compared to 42 percent of whites and 26 percent of African-American adults.” The report establishes that fact to be most prominent in states with large Hispanic populations like California, Nevada, Texas and Colorado.

Mississippi Hispanics have a higher education (four-year or two-year degrees) attainment rate of 18.2 percent compared to 33.8 percent for white Mississippians. The national average higher education attainment rate for Hispanics is 18.6 percent while for whites the percentage is 42.2 percent.

In a state where there is an unacceptably high dropout rate that impacts K-12 educational attainment for the whole of Mississippi’s population and higher education attainment trails the national average by more than 8 percent, low educational attainment by the state’s rapidly growing Hispanic population has one inevitable outcome: a steady increase in competition for low-skill, low-wage jobs.

Growing Mississippi demand for Hispanic labor in the construction and agricultural sectors is undeniable. From the poultry and timber industries to row crop production like sweet potatoes to the service and hospitality industry, the influx of Hispanic labor over the last decade has for many Mississippi counties been transformational.

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Controversial author Marc Tucker to speak at MS Dept. of Education Statewide Forum Sept. 14

BY: B. Keith Plunkett 


Controversial author Marc Tucker is slated to be the speaker at a Mississippi Department of Education Forum on September 14. the event will be held at the Clyde Muse Center on the Rankin County Campus of Hinds Community College from 2-4 PM.

Tucker is the CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy and author of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. He also has a new book scheduled for release in November.

Tucker went to both Brown and Yale on academic scholarships. His bachelor’s degree was in philosophy and American literature. He was involved with the drama department at Yale until he dropped out of his graduate program there. His masters at George Washington University was in telecommunications policy. However, he has no education degree, has never taught or been directly involved in K-12, and only for a brief two-year stint taught a college course.

Tucker worked as a lighting technician at a PBS TV station in Boston and then began to work at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) in Portland, Oregon.

On Sept. 25, 1998, Rep. Bob Schaffer placed in the Congressional Record an 18-page letter that has become famous as Marc Tucker’s “Dear Hillary” letter. It lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce.

Tucker and the Clintons

The “Dear Hillary” letter, written on Nov. 11, 1992 by Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), lays out a plan “to remold the entire American system” into “a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone,” coordinated by “a system of labor market boards at the local, state and federal levels” where curriculum and “job matching” will be handled by counselors “accessing the integrated computer-based program.”

Tucker’s plan would change the mission of the schools from teaching children academic basics and knowledge to training them to serve the global economy in jobs selected by workforce boards. Nothing in this comprehensive plan has anything to do with teaching schoolchildren how to read, write, or calculate.

Tucker’s ambitious plan was implemented in three laws passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1994: the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act. These laws establish the following mechanisms to restructure the public schools:

Bypass all elected officials on school boards and in state legislatures by making federal funds flow to the Governor and his appointees on workforce development boards.

Use a computer database, a.k.a. “a labor market information system,” into which school personnel would scan all information about every schoolchild and his family, identified by the child’s social security number: academic, medical, mental, psychological, behavioral, and interrogations by counselors. The computerized data would be available to the school, the government, and future employers.

Use “national standards” and “national testing” to cement national control of tests, assessments, school honors and rewards, financial aid, and the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM), which is designed to replace the high school diploma.

Designed on the German system, the Tucker plan is to train children in specific jobs to serve the workforce and the global economy instead of to educate them so they can make their own life choices.

Tucker and Obama

In 1988, Tucker became the president of the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE) where he joined up with Hillary Clinton, Mario Cuomo, and Ira Magaziner to get states to move away from local control of their schools and migrate to national standards.

In 1991, Marc Tucker and Lauren Resnick created New Standards that pushed standards-based reform. In 1998, he and Judy Codding created America’s Choice that made sure the national standards were further implemented into the schools; and in 2005, Tucker created the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce.

Tucker’s whole plan has been to require public school teachers to quit focusing on knowledge-based, academic content that emphasizes mostly objective testing with right-or-wrong answers. Instead Tucker and his cohorts have managed to restructure completely the public schools, leading to the dumbing down of America’s school students.

This effort has been given a new level of control under Obama and Arne Duncan who have added federal”teeth” by creating Common Core Standards and the millions of federal dollars available through Race to the Top funding.

Now 48 states (except for Alaska and Texas) have committed to Tucker’s school”reform” model whereby the federal takeover of the public schools will be completed with national standards, national curriculum, national assessments, and a national database that ties students’ scores back to individual teachers to determine their salaries/tenure/evaluations. Teachers will be forced to teach daily whatever is on the national assessments in order to keep their jobs.

Tucker has teamed up with Obama, Arne Duncan, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Linda Darling-Hammond, David Driscoll, Gene Wilhoit, Phil Daro, and others to move public school classrooms in 48 states into social engineering through subjective assessments that emphasize feelings, opinions, beliefs, multiculturalism, political correctness, diversity, global warming, homosexuality, and”social justice.”

References: www.educationnews.org/commentaries/insights_on_edu….html


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A peek inside the mind of the campaign of Socialists for the Education Status Quo

World Socialist and the Mississippi Parents Campaign have something in common; they are more worried about jobs than educating kids.

Outsourcing education: The rise of virtual schools: www.wsws.org/articles/2011/sep2011/virt-s01.shtml

Mississippi—schools illegally under funded

For the fourth year in a row, Mississippi will fail to meet the state’s statutory obligation to support K-12 schools, under funding school districts by 10.5 percent. This obligation was designed to support funding for lower-income and underperforming schools, and has already cost 2,060 school employee layoffs.

Mississippi Virtual Public School was established by legislation in 2006. Last year it serviced 2,800 students. As of 2010, the school contract was awarded to the nationwide chain, Connections Academy, and will be run for profit.

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