5 thoughts on “PLUNKETT: Dems latest Medicaid proposal: A lemon by any other name.

  1. It is quite obvious to me that Democrats are more interested in enticing more voters to the polls to vote Democrats back into office RATHER THAN finding ways to promote economic development, bringing industry to Mississippi. This IS THE VEHICLE that powers the engine producing revenue to the State of Mississippi. Industry expansion is the fuel that supplies the engine. If as much energy and thought by the Democrats to bring industry to Mississippi as they have done to find more ways to spend NONEXISTENT REVENUES we might could justify another State form of Medicaid or the dreaded Obamacare.
    Those who ARE paying taxes would be well served if the efforts to getting Mississippians back to work (so that they can TRULY contribute to the economic well-being of all the people of Mississippi) was as enthusiastic to finding more jobs in Mississippi. So when are you leaders in the Democrat Party going to roll up your sleeves toward that effort?
    There is great dignity for the individual to care for his own family rather than relying on subsistence by the public dole. When you politicians encourage the public to exist on public assistance rather personal accomplishment, you rob each beneficiary of personal dignity as well as personal worth. So when will you be ready to advance that noble goal?

  2. One of the gaping holes in this plan is that insurance at any level, bronze, silver or gold as the government categorizes it, will still have deductibles and copays. For people who cannot afford premiums except by subsidy, where the hell is that going to come from? Also, mix Medicaid dollars with private policies whose coverage is not as robust and we will have a mess of epic proportions. Because Medicaid dollars mean equal coverage or it will be “discriminatory” the Feds will step in change the game again, and costs will skyrocket even further. Small brained idea that has not been fully vetted….I don t care what Kathleen Sibelious (sp) says. Experience says I am right about this.

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