This weeks #7for7 has the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition digging for answers from government-school bureaucrats, while government-school bureaucrats attempt to wait out the clock and push propaganda to keep the pyramid scheme alive. The Attorney General’s Office is the latest to flee downtown Jackson, sort of. We ask your thoughts on proposals to regulate texting-while-driving. The Enterprise Journal takes on Barbers. And, people STILL want to do away with inspection stickers.


#7. FOX: Common Core, the ultimate government pyramid scheme.

#6. EJ: Barbers know how to have fun with state funds.

#5. House passes bill to repeal requirements for inspection stickers on vehicles.

#4. Senate Conservatives want answers from MDE on Common Core, say money not standards drove adoption.

#3. Hot Topic: Should Mississippi regulate texting-while-driving?

#2. HARRISON: Hood’s move stirs objections, raises questions.

#1. PLUNKETT: Government school shill Nancy Loome comes out swinging for Common Core.

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